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Below is a list of some sites that I enjoy, some that I use, and perhaps a few that would like to be recognized.

(If you wish to have your site listed here, just drop me a line through email or instant message)


Life In Progress - My other comic, which is not linear. All subjects taken from my life. ^_~

Red String - An awesome web manga by Gina Biggs. Read it, you won't be disapointed!

Maq (#041) - A very well drawn, funny comic by Kim Samson and Craig Olsen. Doesn't update often, but that's okay.

VG Cats - A great comic for video game jokes.

Penny Arcade - More gaming jokes, as well as other hilarious oddities.

30 Extra Lives - An amusing comic by a friend of a friend... check it out!

The Devil's Panties - A cute comic that at time features gaming and LARP humor. - The website dedicated to the nation-wide battle game I participate in. It's not LARP =P

Something Awful - Funny AND offensive... to everyone! What more could you want? =D

My Space - I have one myself, and it's a good place to put info about you no one really care about.

Smackjeeves - Where I first had Trial Of Ages and also have my other comic



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