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// All About Me//

Clearly, the best way to let you know about me is in survey form.
Maybe I've taken one too many My Space quizzes?

Full name: Cara Mia DiCostanzo

Age: 20

Birthday: April 1st   (i'm not kidding)

Zodiacs: Aries (April), Tiger (1986)

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Hazel-green

Height: 5'2 (sooo short!)

Sex: Female, duh

Romantic Status: Taaaaken ^_~

Location: Milford, Delaware

Childhood home: Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Occupation: College sophomore at University of Delaware

Major: Anthropology

Dream job: Local archaeologist digger.. person.

Pets: 7 cats (Tigger, Artemis, Miko, Dagger, Aurora, Patches)
        1 dog (Odie), 1 guinea pig (Gypsy), 1 box turtle (Turtle), 1 hermit crab

Hobbies: Reading comics, novels, and manga
             Drawing, watching anime and Adult Swim
             Playing Roleplaying games like D&D and various Whitewolf system stuff
             Listening to music, singing, doing Dagorhir and going to Dag campouts,
             Cosplaying, messing around with Photoshop, working on website stuff
             Drawing comics and just drawing in general

Ultimate Favorite Game: Final Fantasy 7... of course!

Other Favorite Games: FF6, FF10, King of Fighters, Dragon Quest 8, Katamari Damacy,
                               Kingdom Hearts,

Favorite Movie: Goodfellas, The Godfather, Princess Bride, LORT, The Matrix (only the 1st)
                     My Big Fat Greek Wedding, High Fidelity, Garden State, Oh Brother Where Art
                     Thou, Pulp Fiction, Mallrats, Clerks, Kill Bill, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma

Favorite Anime: Anything by Miyazaki, Akira, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo and

Favorite Comics: (Print, american) X-men, Spiderman, Gambit spinoff

                       (Print, manga) Love Hina, Paradise Kiss, MARS, Ai Yori Aoshi, Sensual Phrase
                                           Neighborhood Story, Azumanga Daioh, Celestial Legend Ceres,

                       (Online) Red String, VG Cats, Penny Arcade, Devil's Panties, 30 Extra Lives

Preferred system: Play Station 2...
                        X-box makes me sad because the controler is too big for my hands =/

Favorite Music: Tori Amos, Metallica, Nirvana, Lisa Loeb, Jewel, Innocence Mission, Incubus,
                     Shakira, Less Than Jake, Cake, Frank Sinatra, Dido, No Doubt, Daft Punk

                     {Basically... alternative, folksy, heavy metal, rock, 50's, and some techno}


A Word About Myself and my Comic

I've been involved with comics my entire life, since my father is also an avid fan, reading mostly Spiderman and X-men... but it was only recently that I decided that I wanted to actually make a comic myself. Given, this is more of a manga-style comic, but it's the same idea. I started writing the story that is Trial of Ages in 11th grade for a project in English but decided to keep working on it even after the project was complete. I wrote several chapters of novel-story but eventually became too busy with other things to continue writing for some time. So  Trial of Ages sat, stagnant on my computer for a few years.

I picked up writing again over the summer before my Sophomore year of college and about half way through the year decided - after reading many online comics - that a comic might be the best outlet for my story, instead of a novel. Because let's face it folks, I'm sorta lazy. I love writing, but eventually I get tired of having to verbally describe what I'm seeing in my head. So I thought to myself - I love drawing too. Why don't I make this story into a comic? So that's the jist of it.

Now aside from comic things, I'm also very into cosplaying... You can find my pictures at (search for 'Karmalucre'). I have several costumes, but I mostly focus on Aeris Gainsborough and Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7. Cosplaying attracted my interest simply because I love sewing and dressing up. Besides, you get to portray your favorite characters. I am a stickler for appearance, though. I'll only dress as characters who I actually look like. =P

Beyond that, I am... in fact... a huge dork. GASP! Big surprise there, neh? I spend a good deal of time fiddling around with my computer, playing video games and various other nerdy stuff. And of course I draw, sketch, and doodle whenever I can. I am generally a good student - though what a 'good student' is after high school becomes different. How about I WAS a good student? And then I came to college and made friends with similar interests as me. ^_~ No matter.

I am happily taken by and very much in love with my wonderful boyfriend, Dan. We met in Japanese class, and he's a history major. I'd say we sync up pretty well because we share most of our interests. Our one year anniversary will be June 17th. Yay! <3 Come next fall, we're going to start working on another comic based off of an idea of his. It'll be called Paladin. When it gets started, you should read that too.

When it comes to matters of the spirit and what not, I just call myself pagan. My immediate family isn't particularly religious (moreso philosophical) and my extended family is Catholic... but I feel that putting that title upon myself is too restrictive. I love and respect nature and prefer to go about finding divinity my own way. But don't worry, I'm not one of those silly Wiccan kids who just want to piss off their parents. ^_^ I can't take those kids seriously.

In the future, once I get out of college I hope to settle down somewhere in the tri-state area (MD, DE, PA) and get some sort of local dig-site archaeology job... and of course I'll keep working on my comics. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll eventually be able to bring my comic to more people either by getting it onto Keenspot or my own site I pay to have hosted. Though, even if I had my own site, I'd still list on a place that people check out so I didn't get overlooked. o_o()

I figure I can only get better at drawing the more I practice, so I hope to pleasantly surprise readers of my comic in the future.










2006 Cara DiCostanzo

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