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// It's News To Me //

August 7th 2006 ~ Several updates on their way... Prologue chapter will be finished off by the end of the week. And then - dun dun dunnnnn - better art! I'm changing to a new style that I feel will be more flattering to my story. For a preview of this art style... check the Art page for a quick rendering of Lampryne, ToA's leading female.

August 3rd 2006 ~ WOW! So sorry that it took me this long to even go so far as to put up filler art of Lampryne's mother. I've been busy this summer since I got out of school with firstly looking for a summer job... failing... and then starting my own handmade jewelry business - Existential Jewelry. Buy something? ^_^()

Don't worry, though. I am going to attempt to AT LEAST finish off chapter one before I return to school and then offer bi-weekly (hopefully?) updates. I am also changing the way I draw to make things a little easier on myself... I'm going for a breezier feel, since right now my art is a bit heavy. You'll have to forgive the lack of backgrounds and such for a while. =P But I know you still love me.

May 9th 2006 ~ Added an 'About Me' page so you can learn a few fun facts about yours truly, if ya want.

May 6th 2006 ~ Updated and added a gifts section, accessible through the art section. Gifts meaning fanart done by me for other comics and websites. First thing up is fanart for the comic Maq (#041) - A link is also found under my updated links section. Check it out, it's relatively short comic so far, but good in my opinion. Maybe I should add a comic review section some time in the near future?

May 5th 2006 ~ Happy Cinco de Mayo. Updated the art page a bit so it doesn't look so empty, though it's not as if it's good art... just art. =P

Fixed the problem with the back pages of the comic not working right. Had to make them more simplistic, but I think it's okay, don't you?

Presently, I'm trying to figure out how to make this news section flow better. I don't know if I should bother archiving the news once there is too much on a page (more than 5 dates) or not. What do you think? Yis, nuu, maybe so?

May 2nd 2006 ~ Hooray! I got myself a spiffy setup here which will last me a while, or at least until I feel like doing all that editing again. My comics should start updating themselves in the next few days... at least if I got everything correct with the FTP stuff. O_o

Either way, I'll have news updates here from time to time, so keep an eye open.

I'll also have updates and info on the Trial of Ages blog
{see: //Journal}

Wish me luck with all this mess!

And by the way, if you'd like to have your website linked to mine
just drop me a line and I'd be happy to add you to my links page!

// End Notes ///
Thanks to... everyone! ^__~

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